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  > Provide Good Quality to our valuable customers in all over the World.
    Sampling, we organize the samples as per Customer requirments ,  Specs, Design & Artworks.

  > Fabric we make Fresh, As per Customer's Need and Requirments, Gsm,   Color and fabric Composition.

  > Dispatching samples in good condition to our customers with secure Packing & Tracking Number.

  > Development, an effective follow up in every step during this process will lead you to a successful production.

We assure that every step is accomplished correctly and according to your time schedule.

Production; A personalized follow up in the supplier’s facilities during the work in process will assure to have your production in the right time and quality manner.

Shipment; We check all shipping documents and ensure dispatch of documents as per dispatch instructions provided by valuable customers

FACTORY AREA   = 11735.9 m=  2.9 Acer Ground

LAHORE                     =  FACTORY WORKERS = 265 Approx.

SIALKOT                    =  FACTORY WORKERS = 240 Approx.